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So, the big news is out: Robert Scoble and Rocky Barbanica are Rackers. And now, the big question is why?
Erik Carlin wrote a great post on the Mosso blog comparing the cloud storage offerings from Rackspace (Cloud Files) and Amazon (S3). Here’s a quick excerpt:
If you are interested in the cloud, you’ll want to join us on Wednesday, October 22 @ 12:00 pm CT for the Rackspace Cloud Event.
Today we announced the private beta of the much anticipated CloudFS, an Internet-based storage offering that was developed by Mosso and Racklabs. I’ve included a couple interesting excerpts from the press release below:
Today Mosso announced the private beta release for our new web-based storage offering, CloudFS. If you have a need for infinitely scalable storage and/or enjoy tinkering with cutting edge technology, we invite you to apply at We are very proud of this project and we’re eager to get folks testing it.
As some of you may know, Google recently announced an application hosting offer called AppEngine. Our very own Lew Moorman discusses this, the whole ‘cloud computing’ angle, and Rackspace’s own cloud computing offering Mosso on the RackLabs blog. It’s a very good read. Check it out here.
Today, I‘m in Los Angeles for the Microsoft launch of Windows Server 2008. With this launch, our Windows customers will now have the option to continue to deploy on Windows Server 2003 or possibly on the new Windows Server 2008. Rackspace is making Windows Server 2008 available on the same day Microsoft launches it to the public, but there are a few limitations until all of our vendors catch up with production drivers. If you’re a customer, you can check with your account team for the specifics.
When we launched our new brand in January, we proclaimed our category to be IT Hosting. We have gotten several customers asking what we mean by this shift. Do we intend to change our business? Are we getting away from our core offer? What does this mean for customers?
A new year, a new logo, a new blog…a higher commitment to Fanatical Support! We want to officially welcome everyone to Rackspace’s blog. We’d like to quickly give you our two cents on all the changes this year brings for us, including our shift from Managed Hosting to IT Hosting.
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