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Raise a virtual hand if you actually enjoy grocery shopping. Not many people do! If you’re like many Americans, a weekly excursion to the store can take up a huge chunk of valuable time. Now, with this week’s Must Have App, Rosie, your groceries can come to you!
With so many new apps launching these days, it’s a pain to sort through them all and discover new cool apps for your device, especially if you have an Android. This week’s Must Have App, Rex (by Mapsaurus), helps to discover new apps through recommendations based on the apps you already use and love.
If you’ve tried or OkCupid with the hopes of finding your dream date, it can be a little overwhelming and scary. These dating sites help individuals meet each other, but what if you can’t decide what to do on your date? This week’s Must Have App takes a totally different approach to dating by starting with the most important part first, the activity itself! Now, it’s easier than ever to find that perfect someone or the perfect something, all thanks to the cloud.
Digital books are a great alternative to the real thing – they’re portable and better for the environment. But there are certain attributes for a printed copy that a digital book just can’t recreate. And without a printed copy on display on your desk or on your shelf you might miss out on the opportunity to connect with a co-worker or friend who is reading the same book. Now you can catch that opportunity in the digital age, thanks to this week’s Must Have App, BookShout! This app builds a community around books for executives to read with employees; students to read and study with each other; and friends to interact and discover new books.
Finding, hiring and managing freelancers and contractors is a juggling act, especially if you’re a startup or small business. From waking up at 2 a.m. to jump on Skype, to coordinating an idea from start to finish, project outrourcing takes up a lot of time. This week’s Must Have App, Ziptask, offers a cloud-based web app designed specifically for outsourcing projects, so businesses don’t have to manage it.
We all wish we could be rock star web designers and developers, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. Wireframing is time-consuming and so is learning HTML5. Instead, you can call on Drifty, a new software studio based out of Madison, Wis. that makes easy-to-use cloud-based tools for developing mobile apps and websites using web technologies. The two apps, Codiqa and Jetstrap, are helping more than 150,000 users combined create apps and sites faster and more efficiently.
Waiting 20 minutes to see a doctor when you have a concern, only to have them spend 75 percent of that time reviewing your file, sucks. It’s not an effective use of your time as a patient or for the professional caregiver. Cloud technology has enabled more heath professionals to use electronic health records, or EHRs, and it’s changing the health industry as we know it.
Work would be a better place if we all did something we loved, don’t you think?
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