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Cloud deployments can be stressful. So can developing for OpenStack, the open source cloud software. Good thing for Racker Vish Ishaya he has a background as a monk and a meditation instructor and is well-trained in the arts of coping with stress.
By now you’ve heard about OpenStack (perhaps you’ve even tried it out). Now here’s your chance to see where it all began—the OpenStack creation story, if you will.
If you are a space enthusiast, you’ve probably landed on the Spacevidcast website at one point in time. Racker, Robert (Robot) Taylor, recently interviewed Benjamin Higginbothom, founder of Spacedvidcast at the NASA tweetup for STS-133, the final discovery launch.
Imagine a world where code used by the biggest clouds is freely available to any developer, anywhere.  A world where that code was a standard used to build private clouds as well as a variety of new service offers.  In this world, workloads could be moved around these clouds easily – you could fire your cloud provider for bad service or lack of features, but not have to rewrite the software to do it.  Imagine an open source cloud operating system that lifts IT to the next level of innovation, just as Linux drove the web to new heights.
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