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Rackspace has long been at the forefront of innovation, including our initial launch of RackConnect in 2011. Originally built as a one-off request to help power one customer’s environment, RackConnect, has grown up to be the backbone of our hybrid cloud by connecting your dedicated environment to your cloud environment. What many people don’t know is that RackConnect is built on top of the .NET Framework.
I often get questions about writing software in .NET: Is it expensive? Do I have to have a Windows machine? Can I build a website? Can I build “serious” software?
Coming from, say, an enterprise-level Microsoft .NET shop and crossing over into the world of open source is like stepping out of an office building into the street during a parade. Clowns and bands and floats roll by as you tighten up your necktie and try to remain distinguished. But you know you really want to join the folks pulling the giant Batman float.
One of the largest development communities on earth has started to move its bare metal mentality into the world of virtualization, and the stakes have never been higher. To support this massive technology shift, Rackspace has built tools that help developers bring web or application development to the Rackspace Cloud.
Want to dig deeper into managing the Rackspace open cloud with Windows 8 and get your business an interoperability edge?
We’re upgrading Rackspace Cloud Sites to PHP 5.4 and .NET 4.5, which should boost performance of the php sites and .NET sites you host on Cloud Sites.
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