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This is a guest blog post written and contributed by Tom Lounibos, president and CEO of SOASTA, makers of the CloudTest platform for functional and performance testing of web and mobile applications. SOASTA is a Rackspace customer and is participating in the beta for Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack.
This post is part two of a three part series examining how the cloud accelerates innovation. Tune in next week to read how the cloud frees IT from creating applications and other on-premise restraints, and how it can ultimately attract new talent, both of which foster innovation.
By now you’re up to speed with the new features, functions and products that comprise the OpenStack-based Rackspace Cloud and the latest version of Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack. It’s been months of hard work, and we’ve now reached that point where we can say we’re at Cloud 2.0.
OpenStack is ready. And the era of open cloud is here. Rackspace is using it to power its public cloud. Customers and partners are screaming for it. And more than 1,000 attendees are expected to descend upon San Francisco this week to learn more about it at the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference.
From the launch of the Rackspace Cloud powered by OpenStack to day one of the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference, Rackspace on Monday took the City by the Bay by storm and made San Francisco the world’s open cloud headquarters.
It’s no secret anymore that Rackspace launched its open public cloud this week with myriad new cloud products powered by OpenStack, the community-driven open source cloud operating system.
Right now, we are witnessing one of the most dramatic technology shifts our industry has ever seen. The entire way that we think about and consume computing has been altered.
There is only one word to describe Day 1 of the OpenStack Folsom Design Summit: “wow!”
Rackspace has announced to the world the release of the next generation Rackspace Cloud built on OpenStack and powered by Fanatical Support. The Rackspace Startup Program is truly excited about this announcement and what it holds for the future of startups being able to build their businesses upon our next gen cloud. The future of cloud computing is on its way for the startup movement at Rackspace.
There are a host of reasons to support open clouds. We do. Why do you think we just relaunched the Rackspace Cloud and Cloud Servers, which now runs on OpenStack.
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