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When we were looking at deploying OpenStack at Rackspace, I had an interesting idea: why can’t we use our cloud like our customers do? What is stopping us? Why not use our cloud to boot the cloud? We made this conscious decision to deploy a “cloud within a cloud” for several reasons.
Today Rackspace is proud to join with the rest of the OpenStack community in releasing the fifth version of the project, named “Essex.”  In just 18 months OpenStack has matured from a “developer preview” to a project that is powering public and private clouds worldwide including at Rackspace (more on that in the next few weeks).  And while Essex introduces a host of new features, we are most excited about the big step it takes forward in terms of stability, usability, scalability and overall integration amongst the various OpenStack services.
Cloud deployments can be stressful. So can developing for OpenStack, the open source cloud software. Good thing for Racker Vish Ishaya he has a background as a monk and a meditation instructor and is well-trained in the arts of coping with stress.
About a year ago, Rackspace, along with 25 other companies launched OpenStack.  While it has been an incredible year for the project and deployments are cropping up around the globe, many have asked when Rackspace would put OpenStack into production.
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