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EDITOR’S NOTE: Update: We got some great feedback about the first AMA with Jesse, so we’re moving the discussion space for Alex’s AMA from the Community to – that way it will be easier to follow the conversation and replies. In addition, we’re tightening up the timeframe – the AMA will happen on Tuesday ONLY, and not Tuesday through Thursday as originally planned. Finally, some of the other devs who work with Alex will be lending a helping hand, so there will be plenty of developer experience on tap for everyone! Hope to see you all there next Tuesday!
If you are just getting started with the cloud, system administration or software development, Rackspace has a number of tools to help you go from a cloud beginner to a cloud expert. In fact, Stackdriver recently gave Rackspace an A+ as one of the best clouds for novices to get started on. We have a lot of resources as you begin your cloud journey.
Something really cool happened at Rackspace last week. While that phrase typically wouldn’t raise any eyebrows (tons of cool stuff happens at Rackspace every day); it bears mentioning nonetheless. This really cool thing was the first in-person visit from one of the members of the Rackspace Open Cloud Community.
During SXSW Interactive 2013, Rackspace has been spreading the word on the open cloud to the masses. And among our team of open cloud evangelists is the Rackspace Open Cloud Community. You can find the community team at Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant throughout SXSW. They’re here signing people up to join the community, answering question on open and cloud and handing out some really sweet t-shirts.
A number of you have questions about open cloud technologies. And there are many more of you out there who have the answers. We want your help in building a thriving community where cloud questions and answers lead to a free-flowing conversation.
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