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It feels like yesterday that Frank Frankovsky, vice president of Hardware Design at Facebook and chairman of the Open Compute Project (OCP), sent me a Facebook message  – how fitting – about a budding open hardware project that he was working on. At Rackspace, we immediately jumped at the chance to be among the first companies to join the community, as we believed Open Compute was poised to flip the hardware model much like we did with cloud software when we founded OpenStack.
The mood in San Jose vacillated between quiet and congratulatory as participants in the fifth Open Compute Summit shared both their plans and their successes in front of a crowd of 3,800 registered attendees, up 90 percent from the 2,000 who registered last year.
The Open Compute Project (OCP) this week established North America’s first Open Compute Certification and Solution Laboratory at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).
When we joined the Open Compute Project as a founding member nearly two years ago, we made the promise to work closely with partners to deliver data center solutions built on open standards.
I sit in a hotel room in Taipei overlooking foreign streets replete with distinctive and unusual attributes. I have eaten my initiate morsel of stinky tofu, shot arrows five feet or six feet into balloons at a carnival venue and enjoyed much delicious fare – stinky tofu being a notable exception! I have also been blessed with the attentions of some of the most amicable and hospitable people I have encountered in my career. True, it is not singularly Open Compute which has asserted this set of circumstances, but this is perhaps one of the best opportunities for me to provide examples of the tenets of this project in action in a fundamental and tangible manner.
This week, the Open Compute Summit 2012 stormed The Castle, Rackspace’s San Antonio headquarters.
The third Open Compute Summit kicked off this morning at Rackspace’s San Antonio headquarters, aka The Castle.
Editor’s Note: The registration date for the Open Compute Summit is now March 19.
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