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Rackers all over the country are gearing up for the third annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. In November of 2008, Rackers were able to collect enough food to feed 500 San Antonio families, 25 Virginia families, 35 Austin families, and 60 families in the DFW area. All together, Rackspace joined together to support 620 families in need. This was a huge accomplishment and Rackers rallied together to achieve this goal.
We’re proud to announce the unveiling of our “Shared Community Compact” – a first of its kind partnership between Rackspace and North East Independent School District (NEISD). On Friday, April 3rd we announced our commitment to the revitalization of our surrounding community at an event at Roosevelt High School. To exemplify our commitment, Lanham Napier, president and CEO, Graham Weston, Chairman, NEISD Superintendent of Schools, NEISD leadership, student representatives and school principals signed the Compact which provides this initiative’s framework and intentions.
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