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There’s an interesting transformation happening at the OpenStack Summit. Since our humble beginnings with 75 or so developers in a small room in Austin, it has exploded.
At OpenStack Summit Portland, HubSpot discussed how it uses Rackspace’s open hybrid cloud to power its all-in-one inbound marketing Software-as-a-Service solutions.
With 2,400-plus in attendance, OpenStack Summit Portland is the largest Summit in OpenStack’s history – twice the size of the San Diego Summit just six months ago.
Work at the OpenStack Summit in Portland this week is helping bridge the gap between what’s been promised and what’s becoming possible. Nowhere is the gap between these two wider than with autoscaling. Everyone expects the cloud to be able to automatically scale right out of the gate, but the truth is that it requires a lot of work and sometimes only happens with the help of a third-party service provider.
Day one of OpenStack Summit Portland is in the books. It’s the largest ever Summit – with an estimated 2,400-plus in attendance. By a show of hands, this was the first Summit for many attendees.
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