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With constantly increasing demand in compute power, data center space can fill up very fast. The problem with compute is that new servers require significantly more power than older facilities can provide. Thus, power demand limits rack density.
One of the most difficult aspects of migrating existing IT applications to the cloud is setting up appropriate storage for those applications. In fact, one of the questions I am frequently asked by our customers is how to set up Rackspace Private Cloud Software to enable their business take advantage of enterprise storage. This dilemma historically has not been easy to solve, since current cloud storage solutions require either re-writing applications to use object storage or using new technologies like NoSQL databases.
Deploying, managing and running a large-scale, enterprise private cloud is not an easy task. One of our goals here at Rackspace is to make it easier for you to deploy and run clouds.
One of our goals at Rackspace is to make it easier for enterprises to deploy and manage private clouds. We’ve made great strides with the launch of Rackspace Private Cloud, powered by OpenStack® (dubbed “Alamo”),  which lets our customers go from bare metal to a private cloud in their own data center in less than an hour.
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