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Every business has to decide on ways to solve the everyday need of collaborating with others in and outside the organization. This leads to many businesses asking — “How can we help our employees be more productive?”
Being a Project Manager, I schedule a lot of meetings with members all across our company. Before the new “Group Scheduling” feature, I would have to type in each member’s email address in order to add them to the invite list. This is fine for a handful of people, but when you are consistently inviting 10+ members to meetings, it can really feel like a waste of time.
Some Rackspace Webmail releases have themes or a singular focus. For example, this past summer we worked on significant speed improvements and had a “Speed Release.”
Our CTO, Bill Boebel, is pretty damn busy. He runs from meeting to meeting with a laptop, a notepad, pens and his BlackBerry. Yet, somehow, his thoughts are rarely all in one place (shocking). So for Bill, and the millions of other super-busy people, we’ve created Notes!
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