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Many organizations believe that for the sake of compliance, security and control, they have to run SharePoint on-premises.
Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint—they’re household names. But there’s one Microsoft app that many businesses are just now beginning to discover. An app that increases productivity by fostering team communication and by helping users organize, share, and track documents across their organization:
Rackspace Webmail users, did you know you can place a call, from within Webmail, with one mouse click? With Skype’s built-in browser toolbars, you can initiate a call directly from any webpage—including Webmail.
Every business has to decide on ways to solve the everyday need of collaborating with others in and outside the organization. This leads to many businesses asking — “How can we help our employees be more productive?”
Being a Project Manager, I schedule a lot of meetings with members all across our company. Before the new “Group Scheduling” feature, I would have to type in each member’s email address in order to add them to the invite list. This is fine for a handful of people, but when you are consistently inviting 10+ members to meetings, it can really feel like a waste of time.
Every week, if not every day, I forget to attach a file to an email. So like everyone else, I quickly send a follow-up with the famous “Oops!” in the subject. Annoying for all involved; I’m sure.
We’ve been arguing for a while now on our blog that for SMBs (small to medium sized businesses), moving your email to the cloud is a good idea. It saves money, helps make IT staff more productive, and increases reliability in general for the businesses that drive our economy. But we want to help you move your email to the cloud, so we would think that, right?
As companies continue to need to lay off workers, the workload for the remaining lucky few has increased markedly. The recession is forcing us all to work smarter and faster, and IT is the natural place for businesses to look for ways to make that happen. It’s no surprise then that average hours worked per week for IT professionals are on the rise and that lives outside of work are suffering. According to a recent poll conducted by The IT Job Board, a full two-thirds of IT professionals feel that these long hours negatively affect their personal lives. Oh, and on the job performance is going down, too (34% of respondents believe that their productivity at work had decreased due to long hours).
Our CTO, Bill Boebel, is pretty damn busy. He runs from meeting to meeting with a laptop, a notepad, pens and his BlackBerry. Yet, somehow, his thoughts are rarely all in one place (shocking). So for Bill, and the millions of other super-busy people, we’ve created Notes!
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