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In every conversation I have with enterprise cloud customers they use the words public, private and hybrid to describe the projects or phases of projects they’re considering. It’s fantastic that people are finally thinking about how they will use the different types of resources available. But this mindset of “many clouds” in your enterprise is flawed. I’m not the first person by a long shot to say this, but it bears repeating because most enterprises aren’t listening.
Rackspace knows how to build and run clouds. And RightScale knows how to help customers manage workloads on those clouds.  I’ve worked closely with engineering and product teams on both sides and can say that Rackspace and RightScale represent some of the brightest minds in the cloud biz.
We want to take the headache out of deploying and using Big Data solutions. And today, through a strategic partnership with Hortonworks, a leader in Apache Hadoop development, implementation, support, operations and training, we will do just that.
CloudPassage was founded in early 2010 by security experts with decades of technology experience including the development of early virtualization security solutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, CloudPassage is backed by Benchmark Capital, Tenaya Capital and other leading investors.
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