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Canadian not-for-profit Cybera has turned to OpenStack and Rackspace Cloud Builders to beef up its cloud capabilities in its quest to spur innovation and accelerate the competitive edge in Alberta.
For many folks, the first foray into living away from home involves an apartment or a college dormitory. You start out with something small, probably with one or more roommates. Eventually though, you want your own bathroom. Then maybe a spare bedroom to turn into an office. Then another spare bedroom to use as a nursery. At some point you get tired of dealing with your neighbors’ late night parties and you decide to move into a house. It’s nice, it’s quiet and you’re still renting so someone else is responsible for ensuring that the stove works and the sink drains. But what comes next? What about when it’s time to buy an apartment, condo or house of your own?
Since its launch nearly two years ago, OpenStack has caused quite a stir in the cloud computing market.
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