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This new interactive piece details how eBay’s X.commerce is leveraging the cloud to build a massively scalable platform for online commerce. Merchants rely on developers to help them take their online businesses to the next level by building applications that allow merchants to take full advantage of ecommerce. The challenge becomes matching merchants with the right developers to implement new technologies for complete, scalable, end-to-end ecommerce experiences.
One of the clear challenges facing the companies developing solutions around OpenStack is balancing general market education about the project with specific messaging about the commercial offers.  We spend significant time with customers talking about the OpenStack project, and too little on how we can help them use OpenStack as part of their IT architecture today.  Don’t get me wrong – we would love to spend every minute talking to customers about why we started OpenStack, why we love it and how great the community is; but we also help customers power their business with OpenStack.  I would like to explain what Rackspace is doing with OpenStack and how our customers are leveraging our expertise.
Rackspace and Redapt have locked arms to deliver a fully packaged, turnkey private OpenStack cloud supported by Rackspace.
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