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Today the next-generation Cloud Servers, powered by OpenStack™, completed the private Alpha phase and entered the Beta phase.  This transition is a huge milestone for OpenStack and for the Open era of the cloud. Through the Alpha program, working with our customers and early users, we have learned a lot. What we have today is their input resulting in substantial improvements – from better API responsiveness to the ability for a single user to concurrently spin up hundreds of servers within minutes.  These are concrete steps towards making the OpenStack-based Cloud platform ready for production scale deployments. The Beta phase will allow us to continue to advance development towards that goal and Rackspace vision and enrich the user experience.
Good, well functioning websites don’t happen by accident. They are the result of a lot of behind the scenes work – developing an idea, writing code to handle all of the different tasks and making sure everything runs smoothly on every page. Above all, the website needs to be sturdy enough to handle heavy traffic.
PayPerks is an educational rewards platform for the financially underserved and part of the Rackspace Startup Program.  Their patent-pending rewards model fuses online education with sweepstakes-based incentives in order to fuel positive behavior changes among the lower and middle income segment.  Users can earn PayPerks points through a variety of actions such as taking PayPerks’ graphical, story-based educational curriculum, adopting prepaid debit cards to eliminate their check cashing fees or accumulating a rainy day fund in a prepaid account.
Major is the Lead Ops Engineer for Rackspace Cloud Servers. Click here to follow him on Twitter.
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