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I was at Cloud Connect in Santa Clara a few weeks ago watching fellow Racker Lisa Larson give a well-received presentation about how IT departments would be wise to consider adopting a service provider mentality. Afterward, I joined Lisa at Rackspace’s booth to engage in some Q&A with conference attendees. There were plenty of great questions from other IT professionals, but interestingly, the question that garnered the most interest wasn’t about technology, but was about managing change:
Is cloud computing another arcane term from the technology industry? You bet. But it’s also the most revolutionary set of capabilities the industry has offered in a generation. Much like the Internet and eCommerce technologies that transformed the relationship between businesses and customers, cloud computing is poised to have a similar impact. In this case, though, that impact is on the relationship between businesses and their information technology (IT) departments.
Like many other enter­prise IT shops, Rack­space IT is turn­ing to ser­vice providers to help us design, pro­vi­sion and sup­port enterprise-class sys­tems. Our goal is to more effi­ciently and effec­tively serve our inter­nal cus­tomers. We want to take advan­tage of effi­cien­cies and scale that the open cloud can pro­vide and we need help to do it. With this in mind, we’ve kicked off a pro­gram called “Rackspace IT: Drive to the Open Cloud.” The focus of the program is for Rack­space IT to become an enter­prise cus­tomer of Rack­space, lever­ag­ing the same solu­tions Rack­space offers our many exter­nal cus­tomers and dri­ving as many of our enter­prise appli­ca­tions as pos­si­ble to the Rack­space open cloud.
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