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What to know what goes into running an OpenStack powered private cloud? Well, you’re in luck. Last week, we hosted “Behind the Curtain: Operating an OpenStack Powered Private Cloud,” a webinar during which we dug into the components that allow Rackspace to offer and operate Rackspace Private Cloud Software in an as-a-Service model.
Thinking about deploying and running an OpenStack powered private cloud? Do you plan on operating at scale and need to know what’s involved? We’ve got you covered!
Last month, we launched an early access program for the latest version of Rackspace Private Cloud powered by the Havana release of OpenStack. The response has been great and we have incorporated your feedback into our Unlimited Availability launch, which is available today for free and supportable by our talented team of experts.
The newest version of Rackspace Private Cloud software is available for Early Access now, and it’s based on the latest and greatest OpenStack release: Havana.
I come from old-school IT. I grew up working on my old IBM XT computer, with two floppy disks and no hard drive. I moved up to a 386 with a small HDD, and eventually went to the top of what I thought would be the end of the food chain at the time: The Pentium (I couldn’t fathom anything better. Man, was I wrong!).
We want to keep our OpenStack®-powered Rackspace Private Cloud Software as up-to-date as possible. And today, we launched the latest version of the software, which is built on the most recent stable release of OpenStack, Grizzly. Grizzly is the seventh and latest version of OpenStack based on the alphabetical naming of releases and includes more than 230 new features to support production operations at scale and integrate into enterprise environments. Previous releases include Diablo, Essex and Folsom.
EDITOR’S NOTE 03/21/2013: Please note that this deployment used Version 2.0 of the Rackspace Private Cloud Software. Rackspace is currently on Version 3.0, which installs from packages, rather than an ISO-based installation. Full instructions can be found here:
Rackspace Private Cloud Software is free. We give it away. We arm you with the software you need to deploy a private cloud in your own data center, and we don’t ask for a penny. It’s open source and powered by community OpenStack, the same cloud operating system that powers our open public cloud.
With Rackspace Private Cloud, one of our missions is to arm you and your business with the ability to run like Rackspace. We give you the OpenStack-powered software we built and tested using our experience and expertise running the world’s largest OpenStack-powered cloud along with many OpenStack-powered private clouds. You then choose whether to run it yourself, for free with no lock in, or have us help you. And we do it in your data center or ours.
Rackspace Private Cloud is disrupting the industry with an entirely new business model – we are combining the benefits of our open cloud with the security and performance of dedicated environments. We’ll run your private cloud just like our own public cloud, the largest open cloud deployment in the world!
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