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The words “run like Rackspace” are something we hear from customers and prospects all the time. Everyone from enterprise CIOs to ISV development leads want to build private clouds that look, feel and operate like our open public cloud. They want the same software, the same configuration and the same operations that power our public cloud, but they want it all to themselves, most often in their own data centers.
Deploying, managing and running a large-scale, enterprise private cloud is not an easy task. One of our goals here at Rackspace is to make it easier for you to deploy and run clouds.
Lots of companies out there will come out and sell you software, hardware or both to help you build a private cloud. It’s our opinion at Rackspace and the opinion of thousands of customers using our cloud solutions every day that OpenStack, by far, represents the best software for building a cloud. Our public cloud is powered by OpenStack and our private clouds are built using our freely available Rackspace Private Cloud Software. We use reliable and tested hardware in our data centers and help our customers architect and implement the same reliable, high performance hardware in their own data centers.
I’ve always felt that analogies are a great way to clarify complex and confusing principles. And the difference between cloud and server virtualization seems to be one of the most confusing comparisons being made today.
Earlier this month, we updated the Rackspace Private Cloud Software, adding new features and support capabilities that give you the ability to quickly and easily deploy an OpenStack-powered private cloud in your data center.
Rackspace makes it extremely easy to deploy private clouds for companies of all sizes, from large Fortune 100 enterprises to individuals wanting to learn about building massively scalable clouds on OpenStack.
While I was putting together my keynote presentation for OpenStack EMEA, I took a trip down memory lane and uncovered documents, emails and slide decks chronicling the earliest iterations of what would later become OpenStack.
Rackspace and NASA founded OpenStack in 2010, and since then the cloud operating system has seen explosive growth in several key areas. With the mission of becoming the ubiquitous cloud computing platform, OpenStack Foundation has attracted over 5,600 individual members from 87 countries and 850 different organizations.
Since the OpenStack-powered Rackspace Private Cloud Software launched in August, thousands of organizations have downloaded the software. We’ve seen downloads from more than 125 countries spanning all seven continents – yes, even Antarctica. And at least 25 percent of the Fortune 100 and nearly 100 colleges, universities and research centers have downloaded the software.
Through Rackspace Training for OpenStack we want to get you up to speed on OpenStack. The goal is to achieve a high degree of OpenStack expertise in a dynamic hands-on environment.
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