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This week, fans slung drinks to Scoble with Slingr, we showcased our plans for EMC World, we shared a Project Solum update and much more. Check it all out in this week’s digest.
This week, we highlighted how we helped customers through Heartbleed, showed you how to use Cloud Monitoring on Rackspace Private Cloud, prepped for the Big Data revolution and much more. Take a look at all that and more in this week’s digest.
This week we hear from Performance Cloud Servers customers, get Cloud Databases monitoring in the Control Panel, break up with an online store and much more.
This week we helped our customers battle the “Heartbleed” vulnerability, highlighted our plans for ChefConf 2014, discussed why we craft OpenStack and much more. Here we look at what we showcased this week.
Welcome to April. This week we launched some key product updates, some cool customer stories and some informative webinars. Check out all that and more here in the weekly digest.
We’ve had an incredible week at Rackspace, from launching ObjectRocket in our Hong Kong data center to celebrating the first anniversary of the Open Cloud Academy, our educational training program based in downtown San Antonio. Read all about it in this week’s edition of the weekly digest.
From a new feature in Cloud Block Storage to an upcoming startup demo day, this week was chock full of useful info. Take a look at the weekly digest to learn more.
SXSW dominated Austin this week, as the festival moved full steam ahead.  Along with SXSW, we examined the differences between Solum and Cloud Foundry, welcomed a new training program to the Open Cloud Academy, took an inside look at our Rackspace Developer Conference and much more. Let’s dig into it all in this week’s digest.
SXSW is in full swing this week, and Rackspace will be out in force with our specialists. This week also saw the launch of new Windows deployments and a new social app for customer support. Take a look at all that and more in the weekly digest.
We close out February in style, with a how-to for using the Rackspace Private Cloud Sandbox, a $1 million SharePoint training offer, a full line-up of SXSW activities and much, much more. Check out it in this week’s digest.
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