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Our customers continue to rave about our Exchange Hybrid offering. It gives them the flexibility to purchase Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for power users, while purchasing budget-friendly Rackspace Email mailboxes for everyone else—all on a single domain.
With monitors getting wider and laptops/netbooks becoming more prevalent, we’re excited to introduce our latest Rackspace Webmail feature: Three-Column View. Now, users with limited vertical space can quickly read more of their email messages without scrolling. This new feature is LIVE now – so give it a try.
We’ve just released an exciting new enhancement to our Exchange Hybrid offering that allows Rackspace Email customers to view Hosted Exchange calendars. So regardless of the platform, Hybrid users can now view or share their business calendars more effectively.
If you use our Exchange Hybrid, you might not realize that Rackspace Email users can share their calendars with co-workers who use Exchange, even though they’re on different platforms. Here’s all you have to do . . .
Being a Project Manager, I schedule a lot of meetings with members all across our company. Before the new “Group Scheduling” feature, I would have to type in each member’s email address in order to add them to the invite list. This is fine for a handful of people, but when you are consistently inviting 10+ members to meetings, it can really feel like a waste of time.
Every week, if not every day, I forget to attach a file to an email. So like everyone else, I quickly send a follow-up with the famous “Oops!” in the subject. Annoying for all involved; I’m sure.
Some Rackspace Webmail releases have themes or a singular focus. For example, this past summer we worked on significant speed improvements and had a “Speed Release.”
Steven Ng, Vice President of Professional Services for Acumetrics came to Rackspace after a hard drive failure took their email down for a week and reallocated Steven’s time from billable work to fixing email. Due to a failed backup, they also lost a week’s worth of email. By outsourcing their email to Rackspace, they now have dedicated support when they have email issues from our team of email experts.
For those of you who don’t already know, we have a beta version of our webmail product for Rackspace Email – We use this version, affectionately known as simply “beta,” to get our newest features into the hands of customers as soon as possible, so we can get valuable feedback and work out any kinks before going live.
I receive several event invitations a week—sometimes even several a day. Every time I get an invitation, I either accept or decline, and then I delete the email. The way I see it, if I can’t attend the event, I don’t need to keep the invitation. And if I accept the invitation, the event information is transferred to my calendar.
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