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In the cloud era, the legacy model of software updates is broken. Vendors selling five years of support services for a point-in-time release of their cloud platform are doing it wrong. Companies offering to customize a forked version of a cloud software stack for an individual customer are doing it wrong, too. In order to achieve true business acceleration, Run Like Rackspace through constantly updated, rigorously tested cloud software backed by world-class operations and support.
In 2001, I bought my first cell phone; a Motorola phone from Radio Shack. For $40 per month, I had 400 minutes of analog reception, an extendable antenna and a good game of Snake.
Rackspace Private Cloud Software is free. We give it away. We arm you with the software you need to deploy a private cloud in your own data center, and we don’t ask for a penny. It’s open source and powered by community OpenStack, the same cloud operating system that powers our open public cloud.
With Rackspace Private Cloud, one of our missions is to arm you and your business with the ability to run like Rackspace. We give you the OpenStack-powered software we built and tested using our experience and expertise running the world’s largest OpenStack-powered cloud along with many OpenStack-powered private clouds. You then choose whether to run it yourself, for free with no lock in, or have us help you. And we do it in your data center or ours.
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