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Last week we talked about cloud services to help enhance your SaaS application infrastructure. Today we’ll talk about how to use the cloud to expand your current infrastructure into the future. The cloud gives you the same options for scaling that you’d find in a traditional SaaS environment with advantages that you can’t get out of traditional architecture.
The SaaS market is expected to grow to over $12 billion in the next two years, according to Gartner. New apps are being released at an alarming pace, generating intense competition. In the battle to survive, SaaS operators need the freedom to focus on creating differentiated software solutions and not become bogged down with the complexities of infrastructure planning and application service delivery. That’s where Rackspace Application Hosting Services help ISVs eliminate hardware responsibilities, access better infrastructure resources and focus more time on growing the business.
Pod architecture assigns a set of machines to a specific job or customer for all of its required tasks. In most of our SaaS configurations, our customers use shared firewall, load balancing and storage layers across multiple pods. Each pod contains the web, application and database layers for the customer’s individual users. Architecting in this way delivers the following benefits:
After years of working with SaaS customers, I hear every day about horror stories and challenges related to scaling. Simply put: scaling can be a headache. SaaS applications thrive – or die – on the performance of their infrastructure and as you grow you’ll have no choice but to face the scaling dilemma. How you scale your application to distribute traffic and run your code can mean the difference between an instant response for users or users waiting for your app to respond or update.
Today, Rackspace is hosting our first annual Rackspace SaaS Summit, an all-day event featuring presentations on how to grow your SaaS business from industry leaders like Accenture, Microsoft, Akamai, Boomi Nimsoft and best-selling author Daniel Pink. In today’s Summit, we’re officially launching AppMatcher, the matchmaking engine that helps businesses quickly locate the apps they need for everything from accounting to project management and human resources.
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