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Rackspace tasked its San Francisco office to change the business through innovation, a lofty goal that we try to imbue into everything we do. Now the office has a new home, one that’s custom built to promote new ideas and creative engineering.
This summer, we brought several interns aboard at our San Francisco Office (SFO). In this blog series, these interns share tales of their times as Rackspace summer interns.
Our first Appium Hackathon was such a success, that we’re doing it all over again. Next week (Monday, July 1) we’ll hold our second Appium Hackathon with our friends from Sauce Labs at the San Francisco Rackspace office!
Today is Bike to Work Day in San Francisco. Dozens of Rackers in Rackspace’s San Francisco office participated. Here, I look at how cycling to work has become a key component of Racker SF culture (and some of the struggles that come with riding a bike to work in a major city).
The hackathon we co-hosted with Sauce Labs last week to dive into Appium, the open source tool for mobile automation, was a brilliant success. Thank you to all who came out! We had such a great time that we plan to hold another hackathon soon.
Here at Rackspace we are deeply committed to furthering the software development community. We love things like well-tested applications and vibrant open source projects.
Roughly 90 percent of Rackspace’s San Francisco-based employees commute to the office using alternative methods of transportation. Of those, about 30 percent bike to work on a daily basis – another 60 percent or so walk or take public transportation – so it was a no-brainer that Rackspace’s San Francisco office would join the city on Thursday, May 10 to celebrate Bike To Work Day.
Today is the day.  Our Rackspace San Francisco office is opening its doors today to friends, family and the local San Francisco community.
Today is a big day at Rackspace.  We’re celebrating the long-awaited opening of our new San Francisco office and announcing a new initiative we’re calling Small Teams Big Impact.
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