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We designed RackConnect and our hybrid cloud to deliver on the promise that you could have the best of both worlds – the security and predictability of dedicated servers combined with the scalability and programmatic control of the cloud. In keeping with this paradigm, the newest version of RackConnect – version 3 — emphasizes scalability and your ability to “own the base and the rent the spike.”
By Paul Campaniello, Vice President of Global Marketing, ScaleBase
One of the main draws to the hybrid cloud is creating an app that might be small today but could scale to be huge tomorrow. However, scalability is not something that happens right out of the box; it has to be built into your app and infrastructure.
Hosting over 400,000 sites across 112 countries, the Rackspace Cloud Sites product is the Platform-as-a-Service many advertising agencies and web design shops go to for creating sites that are stable, scalable and backed by support that is available in a moment’s notice.
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