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On Thursday, December 1st Rackspace celebrated the grand opening of its San Francisco office and the Space Cowboys from the Rackspace Startup Program were there to witness. It was a grand affair hosted by Robert Scoble, technology evangelist, and Chief Learning Officer at Rackspace Hosting, who is building a new community of people fanatical about tech startups. Special guests at the event included GoPro, Loggly, New Relic, Foodspotting and the Honorable Ed Lee who shared his thoughts about the San Francisco tech community and proclaimed it “Rackspace Day,” honoring the company’s commitment to investing its resources in his city.
Today is the day.  Our Rackspace San Francisco office is opening its doors today to friends, family and the local San Francisco community.
Today is a big day at Rackspace.  We’re celebrating the long-awaited opening of our new San Francisco office and announcing a new initiative we’re calling Small Teams Big Impact.
Neiman Marcus is known for their luxury specialty retail but you wouldn’t know it until you walked in the door and purchased an item.
If you read Mike Mayo’s latest post about developing for the iPad, you’ll know that we have been patiently waiting for the release of the iPad. Our app was actually approved prior to the official release of the iPad making us the first Cloud Provider with an app on the iPad. Mike Mayo patiently waited in line to be one of the first to purchase the iPad so he could quickly test out the Rackspace Cloud Pro app. At the same store, Robert Scoble had the opportunity to interview Mike Mayo:
TechCrunch is the technology industry’s most influential media organization and when they make moves the implications can be deep. Recently TechCrunch moved to the Rackspace Cloud and TechCrunch’s CTO, Nik Cubrilovic, talked with building43’s host Robert Scoble about what the move’s implications were to traffic, uptime, peace of mind, and also costs. Across the board Nik praised Rackspace Cloud. In the interview Cubrilovic revealed that they moved from a company that was providing free hosting and are now paying to use Rackspace’s services.
We constantly ask our customers what else we can do to help them.  There is one theme that comes up more than any other: Help me grow my business!  While this strays from our core of offering on-demand computing services, today we are pleased to announce something that should help.  
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