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We live in an increasingly complex technical world. Each day Rackers share their expertise to help our customers solve their technical questions. We have a whole series of conferences, Rackspace::Solve, dedicated to finding and sharing those solutions. (We’ll be bringing our show to Solve NYC this week to share as many of these stories as we can.)
Security became the dominant theme during Rackspace’s first Solve Connections event, held in Houston last week.
In this week’s deep dive session, we explored a real-world architecture that mixed dedicated bare metal components with the Rackspace Managed Virtualization platform.
In today’s Deep Dive webinar on security in servers and networking, we focused on the impact an architecture comprised of dedicated physical server and networking components has on predictability of performance and security for non-cloud native workloads.
For OpenStack adoption to grow, security must be addressed at all layers of the stack. Like any complex, evolving system, it must be constantly and vigilantly pursued.
This guest post is by Jon Oberheide, co-founder and CTO of Duo Security, which, as part of its relationship with Rackspace, provides best-of-breed, user-friendly two-factor authentication to our customers. 
When I entered the private cybersecurity industry last year after more than two decades in British and American security and intelligence services, including a stint at the National Security Agency in San Antonio, I knew it was a step into the unknown.
EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first post in a two-part series on scalability and security in the Managed Cloud. Check back tomorrow for part two.
Your data footprint is getting larger. From documents and contracts to family photos and beloved songs, your data and files are important pieces of your life – both business and personal.
For the past few years I’ve used this holiday period as a chance to do some prognostication. It’s a fun exercise – looking back at trends from the previous 12 months and trying to predict what’s next.
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