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Part of our promise to you is that we protect your servers – when they are physically in our data centers, and when they’re 30,000 feet in the air.
Before cloud computing, only the biggest and richest companies could afford complex, multi-server environments to meet their IT needs. These types of tiered configurations provided increased performance, stability, and redundancy along with luxuries like separate staging environments for testing. The essence of the cloud revolution is making these options accessible to all organizations, without forcing them to expand their IT spend.
Last week, we launched the availability of Dell’s new 11g server, the PowerEdge R710. We don’t normally launch products the same day they become available to the market because we want to ensure that they’re ready and we’re able to provide our customers with the support and service they’ve come to expect from Rackspace. We’re confident with the R710, we can. The R710 is the replacement for the 2950 MK III. From our perspective, it’s a premium server that is ideally suited for virtualized environments. The capability it can provide proved compelling enough to launch with Dell and Intel.
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