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Introduction I am frequently asked by analysts, users, the media and even other vendors about the production readiness of OpenStack, to which I affirm in the positive. There are also often questions about the differences between the various OpenStack distributions and offerings. I answer whenever possible by drawing the distinction between OpenStack as the open source project and as the products and services available to help make it a production-ready cloud platform. If you are unclear about the difference between an open source project and a product, I hope this blog post serves as a useful primer. I will highlight the concept of OpenStack as a service offering (yes, Cloud-as-a Service is a thing) to the concepts of project and product, using our Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC) as the canonical example for both a product and a service. To help illustrate the distinctions, I will discuss the differences between the three offerings by examining three categories:
DevOps is a concept with different interpretations and definitions, but when you get down to it, it’s all about developers and operations teams breaking down silos and working together to innovate faster. For many companies, the ability to innovate at a rapid pace — responding to market conditions and customer feedback — is a key factor for success.
Rackspace knows cloud hosting is a service business. Each client is running a unique operation with very different cloud needs, which will adapt over time based on how the client’s operations change. It is from this perspective the promise to provide clients with Fanatical Support is made.
The value of support is something we discuss every day with customers and prospects here at Rackspace. It’s something that many only realize the true value of, after they have been burned by a provider. It’s hard for us to sit back and just let this continue to happen. The value of support and service matters to businesses—we’ve built our company around it (so, granted, we might be a little bit biased).
For many businesses, especially startups, cost is sometimes the unfortunate bottom line when it comes to business expenses. And, even when it’s obvious that the less-expensive product or service is of lower quality, it may be all that the business can afford.
Here at Rackspace, we’ve built a reputation based on service, known to our customers as Fanatical Support®, our anytime, anywhere, any way approach to customer service. And we know we’re not the only ones who put customer needs first. That’s why we created The FANATI in 2007 to recognize one of our customers for valuing customer service as much as we do.
There is a proven theory in the investing world about how one should not put all their eggs in one basket. In a word, diversification. The logic of diversification has been applied to many circles of life, but it is now proving to be good advice in communications, especially email.
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