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Like most digital marketers, we like to measure things—cost per click, cost per acquisition, number of unique visitors. Name a marketing acronym and we probably measure it. When we talk to marketers using our infrastructure for their campaigns, they send the same message—“Give me a real-time dashboard with metrics because I like to watch the needle move.”
Today’s B2B marketers increasingly feel the pressure to quickly adopt social media and integrate it into their daily marketing activities. It’s not just the internal pressure from leadership but the constant bombardment of sales reps from the hundreds of vendors now pushing social media tools, analytics platforms, engagement platforms and lead generation programs. This pressure pushes most B2B marketers to make quick decisions based purely on resources and budget.
Marketers are always working on their next successful campaign and finding ways to increase their chances of reaching to their targeted market. Tellagance seeks to predict how information moves across social networks and see how people interact in context which will give marketers guidance to their next campaign. In order to predict a social phenomenon, Tellagence studies the past and current interaction to enable marketers to increase their brand visibility and ultimately gain better interactions from their campaigns.
What is social content? Most social media professionals will say that social content is the conversation that happens within Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Yes, that is true. But what about the articles, whitepapers and technical documents that are typically attached to that social conversation? Is that content really social content or is it just content that you have posted on a social media community or network? Posting flat content on social media channels does not make it socially centric nor does it really do its part to compliment the conversation. (How come? Because it’s one-sided and doesn’t prompt engagement.)
Last week, we presented at Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2012 conference on the topic of social sales and marketing enablement. Here is a brief overview of our presentation along with the slides.
Robert Scoble visits with Rackspace UK’s Online Marketing Manager, Emma Boyle to talk about social media and its impact on online marketing.
Unlike traditional media, social media is a disruptive mode of communication as it allows users to participate and have their input, no matter the conversation. Occasionally, this disrupts one-sided conversations and can take the dialogue in another direction, originally unplanned by the person that began the communication. However, as we find that social media is becoming a bigger part of how people communicate, social marketers need to recognize this and build it to its advantage.
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