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Do you know what hashtags are trending right now in Japan? How about in Sao Paulo? What are they saying about your brand or product? Don’t know? Well, just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean the conversations aren’t happening and that they don’t matter.
A few years ago when Twitter was still “twttr,” we found people talking about hosting with us. Before long, they were actively reaching out to us for help. We recognized that Fanatical Support shouldn’t just exist inside our customer portals or telephone lines, so we decided to build a team to figure out how to bring our support to social media.
Like most digital marketers, we like to measure things—cost per click, cost per acquisition, number of unique visitors. Name a marketing acronym and we probably measure it. When we talk to marketers using our infrastructure for their campaigns, they send the same message—“Give me a real-time dashboard with metrics because I like to watch the needle move.”
In a recent episode of Mad Men, Peggy Olson channels her old boss, Don Draper, when she pitches Heinz ketchup. There’s ketchup, Peggy says, and then there’s the cheap and watery imitation—catsup. “They’re selling their watered down, flavorless sauce by pretending that they’re you,” she says, looking straight at the Heinz executive. “It makes you angry, doesn’t it?”  The exec seems intrigued. A beat later, Peggy says, “But I always say, if you don’t like what they’re saying, change the conversation.” Then she uncovers her concept:
Today’s B2B marketers increasingly feel the pressure to quickly adopt social media and integrate it into their daily marketing activities. It’s not just the internal pressure from leadership but the constant bombardment of sales reps from the hundreds of vendors now pushing social media tools, analytics platforms, engagement platforms and lead generation programs. This pressure pushes most B2B marketers to make quick decisions based purely on resources and budget.
Rackspace’s Social Media Support Team this week took home a silver award for Front Line Customer Service Team of the Year at the seventh annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. The award is an awesome recognition of our passion for customers and Fanatical Support.
What is social content? Most social media professionals will say that social content is the conversation that happens within Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Yes, that is true. But what about the articles, whitepapers and technical documents that are typically attached to that social conversation? Is that content really social content or is it just content that you have posted on a social media community or network? Posting flat content on social media channels does not make it socially centric nor does it really do its part to compliment the conversation. (How come? Because it’s one-sided and doesn’t prompt engagement.)
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