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Last week, we presented at Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2012 conference on the topic of social sales and marketing enablement. Here is a brief overview of our presentation along with the slides.
Robert Scoble visits with Rackspace UK’s Online Marketing Manager, Emma Boyle to talk about social media and its impact on online marketing.
SharePoint mirrors the features that keep millions engaged on popular social networking sites to give organizations an out-of-the-box solution to spur enterprise collaboration and innovation. As the social medium grows, users want the same tools at work that they use in their personal lives to share vacation pictures, funny videos and other content. Many of the social features in SharePoint 2010 map directly to the features and functionality that workers already use to stay in touch with business contacts and friends on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Robert Scoble sits down with one of his social media heroes to talk about social media and the real ROI with Phil Campbell, Director of Geekery with Fibrecamp.
Unlike traditional media, social media is a disruptive mode of communication as it allows users to participate and have their input, no matter the conversation. Occasionally, this disrupts one-sided conversations and can take the dialogue in another direction, originally unplanned by the person that began the communication. However, as we find that social media is becoming a bigger part of how people communicate, social marketers need to recognize this and build it to its advantage.
In a recent post titled “Three Pillars Of Social Media Engagement Strategy,” Sameer Khan, highlighted the three critical components of a solid social media engagement strategy: campaigns, content and connections. Each of these components together is mandatory for a successful engagement through social media channels. In this post, we will dive deeper into the connections component and identify the “who” to effectively build your connections and strengthen your brand.
Social media changes the way consumers think and react to products, services and everyday life. It is essential that businesses have a strong social media engagement strategy to ensure they are connecting with customers to help drive their businesses and products forward. Social media needs to be part of a marketing strategy in order for companies to stay engaged with their consumers.
Social media platforms have become second nature throughout today’s work force and beyond. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all become some of the go-to collaboration tools within many businesses. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder study found that 35 percent of companies have been using social media to promote their company in some way.
Many blog posts have written about the share shift of email toward social media apps, like Facebook. A post on ReadWriteWeb yesterday attempts to explain this. But, this is not a race to zero for email—especially in the business world. Why? Because businesses want to have their employees digitally communicate using a corporate email account and, in some cases, are legally obligated to do so.
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