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By John Linn, Co-Founder, Bella FSM
The concept of open source has allowed software development to evolve in very different ways than many other industries. It’s common practice for even the largest tech companies to regularly rely on open source software – even¬†Google¬†relies heavily on open source to keep running by using languages like Python to libraries like OpenSSL and OpenSSH.
Looking for a task management application that moonlights as email? is productivity software that marries email and task management, creating an email application that organizes email messages into tasks. You simply compose a message, add tasks to the message, add attachments if you like and send the message. You instantly have email that’s fully organized by email content, tasks and attachments with applicable due dates and alerts when things are due.
This blog post is written and contributed by Cip Palacios, head of implementation at Qv21 Technologies, LLC. Qv21 is a Rackspace customer and a leader in SaaS (Software as a Service) logistics solutions for the Oil Field Services industry. Based in Newport, R.I., and with offices throughout the US and overseas, Qv21 Technologies focuses on improving logistics efficiency in the oil and gas industry. Using the latest proven and readily available technologies, Qv21 makes its cutting edge solutions easily accessible to companies of all sizes without large capital expense. To find out more, visit Qv21 at
Clustrix is the leader in NewSQL databases for transactional big-data applications. It enables fast-growing online businesses to rapidly scale to unlimited users, transactions and data, with no database sharding and full ACID compliance. Clustrix offers a radically simple yet powerful distributed database solution in the form of a MySQL-compatible appliance.
The Mosso development team has been working hard to enhance the management interfaces and the provisioning system that power the Hosting Cloud. Today we’re announcing the launch of our new software and inviting our customers to check out the functionality it brings at We’ve been testing and improving this release for a while and are now bringing into full deployment. (During this launch phase, everyone will have continued access to the old interfaces as they build familiarity with the new software.)
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