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Adam Brimo is the CEO and co-founder of OpenLearning, the social, collaborative and student-centered online learning platform where anyone can create and run courses. Course content formats include audio, video, text, blogs, quizzes and different types of assignments. With the help of world renowned University of New South Wales Professor Richard Buckland, Brimo based the OpenLearning system on the principles of student autonomy, diversity of learning materials, openness of resources and social interactivity.
Adam Lyons is the CEO of Insurance Zebra, a highly innovative insurance comparison engine designed to make the process of shopping for insurance easier. Differentiating his company through a unique user experience that minimizes the need for lengthy forms and maximizes the speed to quote and bind online, Lyons, a business executive turned entrepreneur, has landed the support from exceptionally notable investors such as Mark Cuban, Floodgate, Silverton Partners and Birchmere Labs.
Mike Colosimo is CEO of thrdPlace, a web and mobile platform that enables for-profits, non-profits and governments to measure, evaluate and maximize their community outreach. Working to create sustainable change by innovating on the intersection of environmental, social and economic challenges, Colosimo is a proven leader in both technical and creative environments.
Harry Marshall is the CEO of myFIVEby, a dedicated place for thinkers and makers to share stories, ideas and experiences, engage in conversations with others and discover novel content from the community. Combining the convenience and community of a social network with the creative focus and substance of a blogging platform, Marshall calls it “blogging, reinvented.”
Phil Vickman is the Marketing Director of Promet Source, which helps startups deploy, maintain and support high-value web and mobile applications through the use of open source technology tools. Promet differentiates itself by providing a superior customer experience throughout all facets of the development process, including design, software engineering, project management and quality assurance.
Ross Walker is the CEO of CircleFive, a mobile optimized survey and referral system. Surveys are delivered immediately to any web enabled device, giving you instant feedback and new referrals to help grow your business, a simple new way for businesses and consumers to engage in a meaningful way. His entrepreneurial spirit took hold in 2000, and over the years his skills sets in online marketing and technology have grown to new levels throughout his startup endeavors.
Frederick “Suizo” Mendler is the COO and co-founder of TrueAbility™, a cloud-based technical assessment tool that allows system administrators to demonstrate their skills in a real environment. Spanning a 10-year career in the tech world, he honed his diverse problem solving skills, his ability to take ownership of a business, and building relationships while helping others along the way, and is ready to move to the next phase of his professional portfolio within his own startup, focusing on his passion for service and leadership.
Adam Peterson is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at StartX, Stanford University’s student startup accelerator and comes from a background of product design, finance and video. He is currently the CEO of VipeCloud, which allows you to take control of video sharing. A platform for creators of video to sell videos, VipeCloud enables consumers to subscribe to providers of expert content and creators to earn a recurring revenue stream. VipeCloud’s AutoPush technology offers creators unique controls over the digital rights management of their videos, increasing the creators’ capability to market, measure and succeed.
Addison McCaleb took his passion for the convergence of film and technology, and created an entrepreneurial venture out of it. He is the founder and CEO of MediaHound, based in Los Angeles. MediaHound was founded in 2011 on the idea that the best film and television content is scattered across many reliable sources and the best recommendations for that content come from the people you trust and care about. The MediaHound system was created for discovering and sharing content based on useful filters, social media friendly playlists and an unabashedly enthusiastic appreciation for film and television.
Chad Burgess is the Director of Marketing at SeatGeek with a specialty in SEO. SeatGeek is an online ticket search engine founded by Jack Groetzinger and Russ D’Souza at startup accelerator DreamIt Ventures in Philadelphia. The New York City-based company aggregates sports, concert and theater tickets from across the web so users see all inventories in one place. SeatGeek has a powerful data engine that uses several tools to help consumers identify the best ticket deals for each event.
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