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Introduction My last post talked about the benefits of Object Storage today. My next few posts will talk about the future direction of Object Storage technology, and the upcoming features that you should be aware of. Today, I will talk about Erasure Coding. Once again, this post will be Swift-centric, but many of these concepts will likely be embraced by other platforms as well.
Introduction In my previous blog post on Object Storage, I provided an overview of what Object Storage is, and how it compares to conventional storage platforms. In this post, I will discuss what benefits Object Storage can provide for you today.  As there are a variety of solutions to choose from, each offering different pros, cons and price-points, I will focus on OpenStack Swift, the open-source Object Storage component of OpenStack, as it is vendor-agnostic and freely available to everyone.
Yesterday was day two of the ZeroVM Design Summit. Day one mostly focused on the architecture and capabilities of ZeroVM itself; while day two examined integration with other technologies, particularly OpenStack Swift (the technology behind Rackspace Cloud Files).
With constantly increasing demand in compute power, data center space can fill up very fast. The problem with compute is that new servers require significantly more power than older facilities can provide. Thus, power demand limits rack density.
OpenStack Swift is a highly-available, distributed object store that you can use for storing all sorts of files, such as media, backups and archives.
Storage requirements are getting huge. Data is incredibly sticky: it doesn’t move or ever get smaller. These two realities make your choice of a storage system vitally important. However, there is no storage system that provides a single solution for all use cases. You must pair the right use case with the right system.
John Dickinson will be presenting at the Cloud Connect Conference tomorrow, February 14th from 11:15AM to 12:15PM, with a session entitled Rackspace & OpenStack Object Storage (Swift): A Love Story.
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