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When Rackspace launched more than 15 years ago, we sought and got lots of good advice — along with one bit of counsel that we’ve blatantly ignored.
It is no accident that we have recently seen a surge in the amount of interest in big data. Businesses are faced with unprecedented opportunities to understand their customers, achieve efficiencies and predict future trends thanks to the convergence of a number of technologies.
I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to help people understand that hybrid cloud is like happiness – it isn’t something you can buy.
Last month, I joined three leading tech executives at Cloud Expo New York to talk about how cloud computing and Big Data are transforming enterprise IT. In addition to myself, the panel featured Bruce E. Otte, director of platform and workload services at IBM; Greg O’Connor, president and CEO of AppZero; and Kevin Brown, CEO of Coraid.
Cloud Expo 2013 kicks off today at New York City’s Javits Center and Rackspace has plenty of opportunities for you learn about the cloud, mingle with Rackers and discover new ways cloud computing can help your business.
Heading to Cloud Expo in NYC from June 10 to June 13?  We hope to see you at our booth (#300) and invite you to check out some of our featured educational sessions hosted by Rackers, including a keynote by Rackspace Vice President of Enterprise Cloud Solutions Lisa Larson that examines the innovation behind the hybrid cloud.
Last year, in my cloud predictions for 2012, I focused heavily on how open source code will become the standard and how the future will be mobile. In 2012, we at Rackspace officially launched our open cloud effort built on OpenStack; and mobility now dominates day-to-day work and life.
We’ve built Rackspace on several key principles, but ultimately, they boil down to openness, transparency and accountability.
Rackspace CTO John Engates took the keynote stage Tuesday at Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, Calif. In his talk, “An Open Cloud Discussion,” Engates talked about the explosion in the number of connected devices; how consumers are pulling the enterprise into the cloud; and how the open cloud will be the platform upon which modern business models are built.
The thread of cloud has become woven into the fabric of humanity. Think about it; as the world moves to the cloud, everything becomes intertwined.
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