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In June, we launched a global tour of Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud, a free full-day cloud workshop intended to help developers, architects and engineers design cloud applications the right way the first time around.
At the Unlocked session at OSCON this week, I presented how DevOps is key to help power applications on the hybrid cloud. One of the hardest things about DevOps is defining what it is; several people had differing definitions in our session. I feel that DevOps brings together a culture and work methodology for both developers and operations engineers/admins to work on a common goal.
Last week we wrapped the second stop of Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud in beautiful London, and I want to give you quick recap on the event.
This week, Rackspace embarks on a global journey across the globe called Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud. Unlocked is a free one-day cloud workshop sponsored and hosted by Rackspace that we’ll hold in several major cities across the globe to help you determine which cloud environment – public, private or hybrid cloud – is the best fit for your application.
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