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Introduction To call Object Storage an emerging technology would be inaccurate. There are already trillions of objects and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of petabytes of data in Object Storage public clouds, such as Rackspace Cloud Files and Amazon S3, in private clouds based on the OpenStack Object Storage platform Swift, and other platforms such as EMC’s Atmos.
I come from old-school IT. I grew up working on my old IBM XT computer, with two floppy disks and no hard drive. I moved up to a 386 with a small HDD, and eventually went to the top of what I thought would be the end of the food chain at the time: The Pentium (I couldn’t fathom anything better. Man, was I wrong!).
Last week, we showed you a short video on the API for Cloud Databases. Today, we want to show you another short video from a couple of Rackers on the team that highlights some of the different use cases for Cloud Databases that we have seen customers using. Take a look. Do you have a different use case for Cloud Databases? Leave a comment here and let us know.
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