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“OpenStack is on the cusp of major adoption.”  How many times have you heard a vendor or analyst say that or some variation of it in the past 12 months?
Resource Scheduling in vSphere and Nova Compute In a previous post on vSphere integration with OpenStack Nova Compute, I gave an overview of the OpenStack Nova Compute project and how VMware vSphere integrates with that particular project.  In this post, I want to review Compute resource scheduling, a.k.a. nova-scheduler in OpenStack and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) in vSphere. I want to show how DRS compares with nova-scheduler and the impact of running both as part of an OpenStack implementation. Note that I can’t be completely exhaustive in this blog post, but would recommend everyone read the following:
One of the most common questions I hear is “How does OpenStack compare with VMware?” That question comes not only from customers, but from my peers in the vendor community, many of whom have lived and breathed VMware technology for a number of years. Related questions include, “Which is a better cloud platform?” “Who has the better hypervisor?” and “Why would I choose one vs. another?” Many of these are important and sound questions; others, however, reveal a common misunderstanding of how OpenStack matches up with VMware.
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