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We combined the overview of Steps Four and Five of the Business Email 101 Guide, since both relate to choosing the type of email product to shop for. If you’ve been following along with the series, you already have a solid list of email system needs from the business, technology and security perspectives. Now, you have three email options to fit to your list of requirements: hosted webmail, hosted Exchange and dedicated Exchange.
With monitors getting wider and laptops/netbooks becoming more prevalent, we’re excited to introduce our latest Rackspace Webmail feature: Three-Column View. Now, users with limited vertical space can quickly read more of their email messages without scrolling. This new feature is LIVE now – so give it a try.
We’ve just released an exciting new enhancement to our Exchange Hybrid offering that allows Rackspace Email customers to view Hosted Exchange calendars. So regardless of the platform, Hybrid users can now view or share their business calendars more effectively.
The future of email is on the web – I think that’s hard to deny. Our web apps team has embraced this philosophy and made an investment in that future with a new and improved UI design. More than just a facelift, the app has undergone a veritable overhaul on both the front and back end.
Every week, if not every day, I forget to attach a file to an email. So like everyone else, I quickly send a follow-up with the famous “Oops!” in the subject. Annoying for all involved; I’m sure.
Some Rackspace Webmail releases have themes or a singular focus. For example, this past summer we worked on significant speed improvements and had a “Speed Release.”
For those of you who don’t already know, we have a beta version of our webmail product for Rackspace Email – We use this version, affectionately known as simply “beta,” to get our newest features into the hands of customers as soon as possible, so we can get valuable feedback and work out any kinks before going live.
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