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How many times has this situation happened to you? All the sudden you have this great idea that you want to test out, but you need some server space. Because you are building it for a Windows environment, you think it would be complicated with the licensing and procurement to get a server up to test out your idea. Frustrated, you talk yourself out of the idea and decide not to proceed further.
While scalability and flexibility are compelling reasons for businesses to move to the cloud, another key item is the cost savings. By moving your configuration to the cloud, you can realize some of the following cloud cost benefits.
Working as a manager in customer support at Rackspace, one question that my team often gets from business owners, “Would managing my Windows server be different on the cloud?” The answer is, “No, it is exactly the same!”
As we mentioned earlier this month, we couldn’t be more excited about bringing Windows Server 2012 to our cloud customers. And today, the RTM image is available to our next generation cloud customers, so you can start building new servers immediately through the Control Panel or via the Cloud Servers API.
EDITOR’S NOTE: The Rackspace Cloud now supports Windows Server 2012. Get more information here.
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The advent of the Internet (actually the advent of software used by the general populace) has create an entire new bunch of folks with ulcers caused by the worries around password management. Passwords it seem are both the bane of our existence and, apparently, the most important thing in our lives.
 Jordan Goodyear is a Microsoft Certified Windows Tech for Managed on Cloud Servers.
This post was written and contributed by Joseph Hofstader, Cloud Computing Architect/Evangelist for Microsoft.
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