Taking Elephants To The OpenStack Cloud – A New Initiative With Hortonworks

We want to take the headache out of deploying and using Big Data solutions. And today, through a strategic partnership with Hortonworks, a leader in Apache Hadoop development, implementation, support, operations and training, we will do just that.

Together, Rackspace and Hortonworks will offer customers an enterprise-ready Hadoop platform built for the cloud that will alleviate the time and hassle of manually deploying a Big Data solution.

Gartner predicts that Big Data will drive $232 billion in IT spending through 2016, so it was only natural to look for ways to take the time and complexity out of Big Data implementations for our customers.

Let’s dive into the details:

This Is Not Our First Hadoop Rodeo

Rackspace is an early adopter of Big Data. We have been using Hadoop since 2008 for mission critical uses – our Email & Apps division processes billions of emails annually to troubleshoot and diagnose customer issues, meanwhile our billing department analyzes cloud usage data daily to generate customer invoices.

We also have customers today that deploy Hadoop clusters on dedicated hardware at Rackspace with support from Hortonworks.

Using The Open Cloud To Alleviate Hadoop Headaches

Running Hadoop is complex and time-consuming. Being able to do it in the cloud in an easy yet open way is awesome. And having it backed by our Fanatical Support is even better.

Together, Rackspace and Hortonworks will offer customers an enterprise-ready Hadoop platform built for the cloud that will focus on eliminating the complex, time-consuming, manual processes required today for implementing a Big Data solution. Rackspace and Hortonworks will work toward developing an OpenStack-based Hadoop solution for the public and private cloud.

An Open Match

The Hortonworks Data Platform packages the open source Apache version of Hadoop. That, coupled with our use of OpenStack, will provide our customers with open technology solutions to solve their Big Data needs. This aligns perfectly with our vision at Rackspace of an open cloud future that thwarts vendor lock-in, and allows customers to confidently invest in technology for the long term.

By joining forces, we intend to turn Hadoop into an on-demand service running on the Rackspace open cloud and in clusters on private cloud infrastructure in our data centers or the customer’s data center.

When Can I Get It?

Rackspace and Hortonworks will team up to offer Hadoop on OpenStack public and private clouds. We plan to release an OpenStack public cloud-based Hadoop service in early 2013 that will be validated and supported by Hortonworks. This will give our customers the ability to create a Big Data environment in just minutes. Additionally, our customers will be able to engage Hortonworks to support running Hadoop on Rackspace infrastructure and Hortonworks will offer guidance and support to customers deploying Hortonworks on Rackspace Private Cloud Software in their data centers. Hortonworks will also join the technical certification programs for Rackspace Private Cloud Software and the Hortonworks Data Platform.

If you want to learn more about Hadoop deployment options or upcoming solutions from Rackspace and Hortonworks, contact us at hadoop-solutions@rackspace.com.

And check out what Hortonworks says about the relationship in its blog post Rackspace and Hortonworks, a Match Made in the Clouds.


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