Taking Managed Cloud and Fanatical Support to the Next Level for Digital Applications

You may know Rackspace for our outstanding Managed Cloud capabilities or that we deliver Fanatical Support for our customers. But did you know that Rackspace has specialized expertise in architecting and managing digital applications like ecommerce and web content platforms?

We help thousands of customers, large and small, manage their most important revenue generating applications. And we do that with a level of Fanatical Support unparalleled in the industry. Now the story gets even better…

Rackspace Digital is introducing two new capabilities — Managed Environments for Magento operating on Amazon Web Services, and new tiered offerings for our Managed Application Services — both of which will provide new options and added flexibility for customers who rely on Fanatical Support to keep some of their most important customer-facing applications up and running.

NEW — Managed Environments for Magento

More customers trust Rackspace with their managed Magento ecommerce applications than any other hosting provider. Today, these same customers now have access to managed Magento environments on AWS, signaling the continued expansion of our turn-key managed solutions for Magento.

Managed Environments for Magento deliver high performance, pre-built Magento architectures on optimized AWS infrastructure, all while giving customers choice in customization of the infrastructure used for the Magento application, database, admin server, Redis, Memcached and more. Once defined, that infrastructure can be deployed in one-click, greatly reducing time to market.

The infrastructure associated with Managed Environments for Magento is supported by Rackspace Fanatical Support for Amazon Web Services. Fanatical Support for AWS delivers support and expertise across a variety of needs for the cloud platform — including migration, architecture, security, operations and optimization — but does not provide service and support for the Magento application itself. More on Magento support in a sec.

Managed Environments for Magento is all part of the continued evolution of our managed cloud offerings for customers who want accelerated time to market, while ensuring their environments are designed and deployed with pre-configured best practices, based on years of Rackspace learned experience.

More Managed Environments for Magento

In a few months, we will enhance our portfolio of Managed Environments for Magento even further with the introduction of Managed Cloud for Magento. Managed Cloud for Magento delivers the same optimized, customizable, high-performance Magento environments on AWS mentioned above, but does so using a software application that a customer, Magento developer or system integrator can use themselves.

The result is a Magento environment, optimized by Rackspace Magento experts and deployed with full automation on AWS, in less time than it takes to order a pizza. Customers will be able to use Managed Cloud for Magento to quickly deploy Magento operating environments themselves knowing that those environments will operate smoothly and effectively.

Managed Application Services

For customers who want additional options for support and service at the application level, we’ve also expanded our Managed Application Services offerings to better fit their varying needs.

These offerings represent a family of support and service options available for our clients’ most business-critical applications — now including Magento. We also support SAP Hybris, Sitecore Experience Platform, Oracle Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager, as well as custom applications built for Java and .Net ecosystems.

A set of tiered offerings is now available to customers for application support, in which customers can start small in capability and price point, then graduate towards premium support levels (Critical Application Services) as their business requires.

Customers can consume Rackspace expertise and support for their business-critical applications in three ways:

  • Tools and Expertise  Rackspace sets up the leading Application Performance Management tools for the customer, who self-monitors and requests Rackspace experts for application troubleshooting.
  • Alerts and Response  Rackspace sets up leading APM tools, and provides 24x7x365 monitoring with automatic alerts sent to Rackspace experts who proactively assess and repair application issues.
  • Critical Application Services  Rackspace sets up leading APM tools, provides 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and alerts, as well as expert consultation on application environment design and performance, backed by an optional 100 percent production platform uptime guarantee and a 2X service level credit.

Rackspace application architects and engineers provide expert support and service with all three offerings. This team is available 24x7x365 to help customers with any issues, plus provide guidance to keep customers’ applications performing.

New Support, Added Flexibility

All of these additions to the Rackspace Digital portfolio offer our customers new ways of removing the burden of architecting and managing optimized digital environments, allowing them to focus on delivering differentiated customer experiences.

If you would like to see and hear more about these new solutions, stop by booth #1801 at the upcoming Internet Retailer Conference, June 7-10 in Chicago, or visit us for more details on the entire suite of Rackspace Digital solutions.

Brant Jones is the Director of Product for the Digital Practice at Rackspace. He oversees the Managed Environments and Managed Cloud offerings for Digital as well as offerings for Managed Application Services, Rackspace’s most premium set of application-level support services, and Cloud Sites, a premier website hosting service for serious developers and partners.


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