Talking About DNS – Google+ Hangout Recap

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Drew Cox | July 16, 2013 3:00 pm

My co-host Alan Bush was out for this Hangout as he is on paternity leave with a new baby! We’re all awaiting his return, but glad that he is getting to spend some time with his newly expanded family. This past week in the Google+ Office Hours Hangout, we turned our attention to DNS, the address book for the Internet[1]. You can click any of the links in the below bullets to go to that point in the Hangout, or you can watch the entire Office Hours on DNS by clicking here[2] or going to the bottom of the page.

That’s the wrap-up for DNS! Our next Cloud Office Hours will be this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. CST, and stay tuned for an announcement on the Rackspace Google+ page[8]. This will be the Third Thursday Q&A where we open the floor to your questions, so be sure to ask a question in the comments for us to answer. See you then!

  1. the address book for the Internet:
  2. Office Hours on DNS by clicking here:
  3. DNS best practices:
  4. DNS Propagation and why you want the Time To Live (TTL) numbers to have the lowest possible value:
  5. load balancer in front of your configuration:
  6. DNS with Rackspace:
  7. URL that is clean and logical:
  8. Rackspace Google+ page:

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