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Tech Hiring Trends 2012

San Antonio is known for its TexMex and margaritas, yet something that many people overlook is our technology scene. This is quickly changing.

Acuity Group published an infographic (posted below with permission) that shows San Antonio as one of the strongest markets for technology hiring in 2012. The Alamo City is turning into a tech hotbed; not only is Rackspace’s Corporate Headquarters located here, but San Antonio is also home to TechStars Cloud (a startup incubator) along with Geekdom (a collaborative workspace for Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Developers and Makers).

Better yet, Rackspace was recently ranked on Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to work for and number three on that list for job growth. If you are looking for a new job in technology, stop by the Racker Talent website to look at job postings and to find out more about Rackers and our culture. Additionally, if you have any questions about San Antonio, feel free to post them here.

While you can surely “Remember the Alamo!” don’t forget that San Antonio is one of the strongest markets for technology hiring in the coming year.

Infographic by Acquity Group.

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About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Garrett Heath.

Garrett Heath is a Racker who works in Rackspace Marketing and has had experience as a technical project manager in the Cloud. He enjoys writing about how the cloud is spurring innovation for startups, small businesses and enterprises. You can read his personal blog for where he likes to eat in San Antonio.

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