Tech Kids Summer Camp 2009

For the second consecutive year, Rackspace has partnered with UTSA to complete its Tech Kids Summer Camp. Tech Kids is a two-week long summer camp designed to introduce middle school children to technology and hosting. Along with 24 new Tech Kids, Rackspace and UTSA also concurrently ran “Tech University” – a more in-depth and advanced version of the camp, designed for 17 returning students, who had previously participated last summer. Courses for both camps were taught by Rackspace employees, as well as community members. Rackspace hosted a “graduation” for the students and parents of both camps, and announced a $500 scholarship to UTSA for each student. The top 5 leaders from each camp received a laptop donated by Dell and cool Flip Camera’s.

A sample of some of the courses taught include:

• Intro to Rackspace, Hosting, and our Customers
• The Basics of Internet Theory
• How to build a Server for Profit and Fun
• Web Programming 102
• Building a Robot
• Preparation for higher education learning
• Creating Electronic Folk Art
• Tours of Rackspace Data Center’s
• Creating and Designing a Video Game
• Intro to Social Media and Video Production

See below for a “Thank You” video created by the Tech Kids and Tech University students

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