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We hit an interesting recruiting challenge recently. Our company hires a lot of software developers and we’ve done a decent job tapping into the huge resource across the street – Virginia Tech. We go to all of the VT career fairs and most of the computer science and engineering students have at least heard of Mailtrust.
However, one of our part-timers, who is a CS student at VT, told me a few months ago that although most students have heard of us, they don’t always think of us as an exciting company to work for. “They just don’t know about all the cool things we do here,” he said. To make things more challenging, most students at VT do not plan to stick around Blacksburg, VA after they graduate. Most students have no clue that there are interesting technology companies in this area, and think they’ll have to move to Northern VA, Charlotte, or other big cities in order to find a job where they’ll get paid to do the stuff they love.
From the outside looking in, it is hard to tell that this little ol’ email company in Blacksburg, VA is working with some of the most innovative new technologies on the Internet. So to address this and get more students excited about what we do, we came up with a simple idea… let’s start publicly talking about all of the cool stuff we’re building! And to make it even more interesting and help promote the entire software development community in the region, let’s invite other companies to come and talk about the cool stuff that they are building, too!
So we started hosting a series of Tech Talks that anyone can attend. The first three were a great success and the videos of the talks are now online:
Tech Talk 1: MapReduce vs. MySQL (Video on Y!DN)
Speaker: Stu Hood (software developer @ Mailtrust)
Tech Talk 2: Next Generation Data Storage with CouchDB (Video Part 1 and Part 2)
Speaker: Jan Lehnardt (open source developer)
Tech Talk 3: Introduction to the Semantic Web (Video Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4)
Speaker: Manu Sporny (CEO @ Digital Bazaar)
If this sounds interesting to you and you’ll be in the Blacksburg area on Wednesday July 9th, please join at 6pm eastern for Tech Talk 4: Agile Software Development.

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