TechStars Boulder 2011 Goes Primetime

The 2011 class of TechStars Boulder emerged from its bunker last week to do what startups in accelerators do: Rock their demo day.

Like TechStars Boston, which we covered earlier this summer, the Boulder class consisted of 12 hot young startups that are likely to get a lot of attention over the coming months. Those 12 were culled from a list of over 600 applicants, the majority of which are each potentially viable businesses — meaning the volume of startups continues to rise, while the state of innovation remains healthy.

TechStars also revealed that it would be topic for a new show on Bloomberg TV documented the progression of its winter 2011 class from New York City. Here’s the trailer for the new series:

TechStars Trailer from Vortex Media on Vimeo.

TechStars Boulder Demo Day 2011
Photo Credit: Andrew Hyde


Back in Boulder, the 12 newly minted companies are settling into life outside of incubation. Many have taken on capital through their efforts at demo day and some are even sticking around Boulder to continue to its growth as a technical center.

The Rackspace Startup Program was on hand in Boulder to support the startup ecosystem. We’ve watched these companies grow over the past several months and we’re excited by their accomplishments. It was an honor to have been invited to take a peek inside and to contribute our services wherever we could add value.

And whether you’re a potential investor or customer or just a startup enthusiast, have a look at the Boulder graduates. Maybe one of them will inspire you to give up a stable life of a salary and insurance in favor of ramen noodles, messy cases of startup scurvy and the potential to gloat at everyone who didn’t encourage you to follow your dream.

The TechStars Boulder Class of 2011



Creative Brain


Meal Ticket







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