TechStars NYC Demo Day: Creating The Next Big Thing In The Big Apple

Webster Hall, in the heart of NYC’s East Village, is a venue where several big names launched their careers, including Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Gun N’ Roses. Today, it’s the launch pad for 13 companies presenting their tech business concepts as part of the TechStars NYC Spring 2012 Class Demo Day.

Gauging by the preparation of the startups, we should see similar success for these companies compared to the entertainers listed above. On a side note, Elvis Presley also performed at Webster Hall. Like a couple of the companies in the Spring 2012 class, he’s one of my favorites to grace this stage.

As things get started there is a lot of mingling.  Investors talk about what they’re doing, which startups they are looking at and what they hope to gain from today’s pitches.  Some are like me, here to support these teams and watch greatness happen. At Rackspace, we support these folks, even if they aren’t customers.  The companies of tomorrow are born from tech accelerators all over the world, and today is no exception. It’s exciting to see the technology changes as well as the talent of the folks who are gutsy enough to risk it all for a dream!

As always, TechStars Founder and CEO David Cohen is among the masses this morning at Webster Hall. The TechStars NYC crew is here, including Managing Director David Tisch.  It’s great to see other managing directors show up to support their peers as well.  Katy Rae is here from TechStars Boston, and Jason Seats, managing director of TechStars Cloud in San Antonio has checked in as well.  On the stage screen for everyone to see is a note to learn more about the companies pitching today… I suggest you check it out.

As the lights go up, David Tisch, with his new, clean, business-like haircut, takes the stage to open the event. He talks about how important a mentor is to a startup, a recurring theme inside the TechStars network. Some mentors in the program have participated in molding startups since TechStars was founded in 2006. And now it’s time to introduce the TSNYC 2012 Spring Class, which boasts five female-founded companies. It’s awesome to see so much excitement in the Big Apple!

What follows is a look at the TechStars NYC Spring 2012 program:

10sheet – a solid mix of automation software and real-life bookkeeping services that gets the job done faster and less expensive than a traditional bookkeeper.

Bondsy – a new social network that simplifies sharing, selling and bartering with your friends.

Classtivity – aggregates all the leisure and fitness classes around you with filters for time, date, place and price.

ConditionOne – a new 180-degree video player for your iPad or iPhone from a professional war photographer turned Academy Award-nominated documentarian.

Karma – introduces social bandwidth with a 4G wireless hotspot for mobile.

Lua – a project management and communication tool for any mobile workforce.

Marquee – a simple web-based authoring tool that allows publishers to build beautiful pages with no coding experience whatsoever.

Moveline – a radically different moving concept, which takes your entire inventory through FaceTime or videos sent via the Internet, and can offer you a moving quote from multiple companies.

Pickie – brings content and social proof to ecommerce on your mobile shopping adventure.

PopTip – offers real-time Twitter poll result tracking, hashtags and auto-corrected spelling.

Rewind.Me – creates a digital history of your life, helping brands to better target and offer loyalty rewards.

SmallKnot – helps you to invest in small local businesses that you both frequent and care about.

Wander – a beautiful new way to share and experience the world.

The Rackspace Startup Program congratulates the TechStars NYC Spring 2012 Class for all the hard work and long hours logged over the last several weeks, culminating with Demo Day at the historic Webster Hall. We look forward to seeing these companies online, making a great impact on the world.

Are you looking for help taking your startup from ideation to implementation? The Space Cowboys look forward to hearing from you and are here to help with a world class cloud computing platform from which to launch!


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